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Shrimp Soup | The Naptime Chef

Year of Favorites: Shrimp & Rice Soup

Taking a week off from cooking while we were in Costa Rica was good for me. I could see myself heading into a dinner rut and I needed to step out of the kitchen for a little bit. When I returned I was reenergized to get cooking again and went through my old Evernote list of tried-and-trues. (Do you use Evernote for organizing recipes? OMG, amazing!) This shrimp soup I’d had a couple of years ago at my fried Lauren’s house popped up and I knew it was the right time to make it again.

Caprese Egg Bowl | The Naptime Chef

Quick Caprese Eggs in a Bread Bowl

I am a big egg-for-breakfast girl. It started a few years ago when I had kids and realized I had to eat a solid chunk of protein each morning in order to get me going and sustain me until lunch. The only catch is that our morning routine is very hectic, so over time I’ve devised a few easy ways to cook up simple, tasty egg dishes on the fly.

Mushroom Spinach Wheatberry Salad

Mushroom Spinach Wheatberry Salad

Last year I made a mushroom barley soup which has quickly become a staple in our house. I make it a few times each winter and often freeze a container for later. This week I decided to riff on it a little bit since I had some wheatberries to use up as part of my winter pantry experiment. Instead of soup I made a warm salad and topped it with a simple baked chicken breast for an easy weeknight dinner. It was full of umami mushroom flavors and was perfect for staying warm on a frigid winter evening.

Lasagna Rolls | The Naptime Chef

Year of Faves: Classic Lasagna Rolls

So far I am doing pretty well with the winter pantry experiment. I’ve used up some pasta and vegetables in soups and some grains in a salad that is coming up later this week. Over the weekend I also used up the last few lasagna noodles. They were stragglers from a lasagna I made last […]

Garden Vegetable Pesto Chicken Soup | The Naptime Chef

Garden Vegetable Pesto Chicken Soup

Over the past month I’ve basically become obsessed with Panera Bread’s Garden Vegetable Pesto soup. I’ve eaten it several times in our town, and ate it every day for lunch last week when I was taking the WSET Level 2 course in New York. It is a riot of fresh flavor packed into a single bowl, it manages to be hearty, yet refreshing because of all the sharp sweet basil and tomato flavors. This is easily my new favorite soup for winter, but in the interest of my wallet I decided it was time I learned how to make my own version home.

Sugary Almond Crescents | The Naptime Chef

Sugary Almond Crescents

I am excited to finally be in Christmas baking mode. As I’ve said in years past, Christmas baking is my favorite thing in the whole world! Okay, maybe not most favorite thing, but it is definitely my favorite baking season. This year I am starting off with a new twist on our classic Pecan Snowballs and making almond crescent cookies. These are an almond flavored crescent shaped shortbread cookie rolled in powdered sugar and they are perfect for the season.

Fast & Flavorful Penne for a Busy Holiday Season

Fast & Flavorful Penne for a Busy Holiday Season

There is no time like the present to break out the quick and delicious recipes. If you guys are like me then you are definitely in “go-time” mode, running around like mad and wondering if you are ever going to pull off the holidays. I don’t mind the quick pace of this season so long as I am able to get dinner on the table quickly and easily. I like to eat home cooked meals instead of take-out and today I am here to share a great recipe that fits the bill.

Italian Sausage Lasagna

Easiest Italian Sausage Lasagna

One of our favorite everyday meals lately has been lasagna. I have a few variations I make, but basic beef are still our favorite. I like to switch up the flavor now and then so sometimes I try out a new meat or seasoning. It doesn’t always go over, but recently I tried something that […]


A Taste of Home this Season

I am a nester when winter comes around. When the temperature dips I am all too happy to stay at home and snuggle down by the fire. The food I cook definitely reflects this too. While I try not to indulge too much, I am very happy to trot out our favorite macaroni and cheese […]

Simple Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Simple Curried Butternut Squash Soup

I’ve been all about simple soups this fall. I like to combine a few strong flavors, pureĆ© them until smooth, and enjoy a bowl of comfort for our meals. I’ve never been a huge fan of curries, but combining curry with butternut squash somehow works. The warmth of the spice pairs beautifully with the natural sweetness of the vegetable and it makes for a satisfying bowl of soup that needs little adornment.

Ranch Vegetable Baked Potatoes

Ranch Vegetable Baked Potatoes

When people ask me for the simplest side dish on the planet, I recommend baked potatoes. There is hardly anything easier than baking a potato and slathering it with some butter for a quick bite. Sometimes, I like to take them up a notch and fill them with seasoned vegetables and a little cheese. This […]

Cozy Fireplace Dinners with Ristorante Pizza

Cozy Fireplace Dinners with Ristorante Pizza

One of the things my husband and I most look forward to each fall is the first fire of the season. After a long, busy summer it is nice to get back into the routine of staying in and enjoying the warmth of our hearth. On school nights we are usually busy with activities until sundown so one of my favorite things to do is feed the kids and put them to bed on the earlier side. Then I light a fire, pour some wine, slip a pizza in the oven and hunker down for a cozy night in.