Naptime on the Road: Eating & Traveling with My Family

Chao Phraya via The Naptime Chef

Thailand Travel Series Part III {Naptime on the Road}

I am so excited to share the third installment of my trip to Thailand from last February. The purpose of this entire trip was to explore Thai seafood on behalf of Sea Cuisine. Having been to Thailand once before I was thrilled to have the chance to return. This post chronicles our last day in Bangkok before we traveled down the Phuket to experience Southern Thailand. We had the great fortune of eating the most amazing shrimp dumplings and fresh cut noodles I’ve ever tried. It has been almost ten months since our visit and I still think about them!

Smoked Eggplant Salad with Shrimp in Thailand via The Naptime Chef

Thailand Travel Series, Part II {Naptime on the Road}

I am so excited to share the second installment of my Thailand Travel Series. As you may recall, I traveled to Thailand last February on behalf of Sea Cuisine and had a blast exploring the seafood offerings of this fantastic country with my friend Nicole. This week Sea Cuisine posted my articles about our second day in Bangkok and the AMAZING food we had at some out of the way restaurants after a cruise down the Chao Phraya

Seafood Dip

Martha’s Vineyard Seafood Feasts {Naptime on the Road}

Last week on Martha’s Vineyard my family and I took some time to enjoy the island between book events. We strolled the streets of Edgartown, took boat rides along the coast and cooked lots of great food. Over the course of our vacation we enjoyed several delectable dinners that took very little effort. We focused on simply prepared super-fresh seafood, easy sides, and, of course, wine. Here are some of our favorite menus from vacation. I hope they each give you a little taste of a true New England summer.

Purple Cauliflower

A Glimpse of the Farmer’s Market in Cooperstown {Naptime on the Road}

We’ve been up in Cooperstown this week getting in the summer frame of mind. It’s been nice to take a break from our busy camp schedule and spend some time with my parents. Cooperstown is a lovely place all summer long but I’ve always felt that June is one of the best times of year to visit. Town has a pre-tourist calmness, each day is a perfect 75F, and the lake is just coming alive with ducks and fish jumping everywhere. On Monday we even launched our little boat. Also, by June our local Farmer’s Market is booming with terrific goodies from the farmer’s and artisans in the region. It is one of our favorite places to visit. Here are a few of things we have to look forward to seeing this summer!

Tom Yam Goong

Tom Yam Goong in Thailand {Naptime on the Road}

I am so excited for my book signing in Georgetown tonight! While I get ready I thought I’d stop in with a favorite recipe from Thailand. As you’ll see in my posts on The Seafood Spot, my friend Nicole and I instantly fell in love with Tom Yam Goong, the national dish of Thailand, upon first sip. We adored the spicy, sweet, citrus flavors and embarked upon soup wars for the bulk of our trip. We ordered it nearly every where we went comparing recipes from restaurant to restaurant!


Eating Seafood in Thailand: Part #1 {Naptime on the Road}

I am so excited to share the first of many blog posts from my trip to Thailand with Sea Cuisine. I hope you all enjoy reading about my seafood eating adventures as much as I enjoyed the trip!

We first glimpsed Bangkok at night as our car inched through thick late night traffic to the hotel. The streets were alive with locals doing their daily shopping at the dozens of night markets for food and clothes, endlessly bargaining for a better deal on this or that. Despite the steamy night heat the atmosphere was vibrant, intense, and cheerful. Down narrow streets people stood next to stalls eating small healthy meals: steaming bowls of noodles with shrimp, skewers of fish balls with chili sauce, and bags of fresh chilled pineapple. They spoke with each other as they ate, presumably catching up on the day. If we hadn’t been so totally exhausted from the plane ride we might have jumped out for a quick snack ourselves. With all bowls of fresh noodles and freshly roasted fish staring us in the face we could hardly wait for our Thai seafood quest to begin.

Charleston Book Signing

A Week of Book Parties & Fun in Charleston, SC {Naptime on the Road}

I just can’t get enough of Charleston, South Carolina. Last week we made our third annual trip to see my parents and had a total blast. We visited a lot of our favorite spots from 2009, ate with our friends from 2010 and hit some of the must-sees from 2011. Be sure to check them out if you are in the area sometime. This year our vacation was not all just playing and eating, this time there were some awesome book events too. Here are some of the highlights from my trip last week:


A Peek at Upcoming Thailand Travel Series! {Naptime on the Road}

I am excited to report that over the next few weeks I’ll be rolling out a whole new travel series based on my trip to Thailand for Sea Cuisine. I can’t wait to share everything we did on our trip. You can expect to read about plenty of seafood, sites and beaches! I’ll also have a few webisodes for you to enjoy. Stay tuned and here is a sneak peak! :

Dorie App

4 Must-Have Food Apps on the Go {Naptime On the Road}

We got an iPad for Christmas and I have totally fallen in love with it. I never thought they were a big deal, but now that we have one I’m not sure why we waited so long to get it! One of the first things I did on December 26th was load it up with some foodie apps I’d been hearing a lot about. Of all the ones I bought there have been four I’ve been turning to constantly for information and inspiration over the past few months. I’ve even find myself turning to them on the road when travel! If you are in the market for an awesome, parent-friendly, foodie apps here are a few I highly recommend.

Slow-Cooker Pound Cake

Slow Cooker Week: Nutella Swirl Chocolate Chip Pound Cake To-Go {Naptime on the Road}

With breakfast and dinner under control I decided to try a new technique with my slow cooker: baking. We were going out of town for a long weekend in Boston and I wanted to pack some sweets to take along with us. I’d already had some success with a batch of Martha Stewart’s slow cooker brownies and wanted to attempt something else. A simple pound cake seemed like a good place to start. I know they transport well and can be adapted any number of ways. With a jar of nutella on hand I decided to swirl it in to the batter, along with some chocolate chips and give it a whirl.

Kitchenaid mixer

Holiday Check-In: Giveaways, Gifts Guides & Travel Tips {Naptime on the Road}

I thought it would be a fun idea to take a break from recipes today and do a little “check-in.” That is the term I use at home when I want to step back and assess a situation that seems to the focus of my days at that particular moment. Here is my check-in for today: how is your holiday cooking going? Is all your shopping done? What are your travel plans this season? Here are the answers to those questions on my end and a few last minute gifts and tips for holiday travel with kids.

Apple Crumb Pie

Have a Magnolia Bakery Thanksgiving {Naptime on the Road}

I make it no secret that I am a huge fan of Magnolia Bakery. Not very long ago I lived, literally, right around the corner from the UWS location. It was a very dangerous time. I used to walk at least five times around the block before purchasing a cupcake, then walked around several more times after eating it. It was always worth it. As luck would have it, last week my friend Nicole and I went to delicious Thanksgiving dessert tasting at that very store to sample some of the amazing desserts they are offering this Thanksgiving season.