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Wine Love: Rosé

Wine Love: Rosé

‘Tis the season for rosé so I thought I’d write a little bit about it for my wine love column today. Rosé has experienced a surge of popularity in recent years. It is hard to say why since “blush” or White Zinfandel has been around for decades and was always popular with grandmothers the world over. However, marketing has played a key part in its rise and, frankly, it’s delicious! Rosé hits all the right notes for summer with mild, sweet berry and tropical flavors, and a refreshingly high acidity. It pairs well with nearly all lighter summer fare like fish, gazpacho, and salads. Plus, it always looks pretty on a summer table. Here are a few of my favorite rosés and gear to go with it:

Tea Time for Mom | The Naptime Chef

Tea Time for Mom

Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m busy compiling a gift guide for you all to reference. At the top of my list is this fantastic electric tea kettle. I’ve written about my love of electric tea kettles before, but this one bears repeating. An electric tea kettle is probably my most favorite kitchen appliance. […]


5 Spring Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Kids

There is nothing I love more than a good spring cleaning. With a little bit of time and some elbow grease it doesn’t take long for any given space in my house to go from drab and wintery, to bright and fresh. Since I cook so frequently and we eat in our kitchen I am always especially conscious of cleaning the kitchen the minute it is warm enough to open the windows. We wipe down the shelves, clean out the fridge, and clear away any leftover clutter from winter.

Revol Porcelaine | The Naptime Chef

Revol: The Prettiest French Bakeware

It’s been a while since I tried a new piece of bakeware. The dishes I was given over a decade ago for my wedding are still going strong. But recently I had the opportunity to try some beautiful pieces from Revol and decided to give them a go. I didn’t need a new tart pan or chicken roaster, but their pretty designs intrigued me and I wanted to see how they’d fit into my everyday cooking and kitchen aesthetic.

Wine Love: Natura Wines

Wine Love: Natura Wines

I’ve been working hard at learning a lot of about wine over the past six months. It is an area I’d like to write about more extensively. Today I am proud to share the first installment of my new Wine Love column. It features wine and all things related that I love. I hope in the future this includes reviews of my trips to wine destinations! First up is my review of Natura wines. Last year I was sent a few of their wines to try and today I am excited to share my thoughts on them.

Naptime Chef Top 11 Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes

A Year of Favorites Begins: Top 11 Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes Revised

Over the holidays my family and I were talking about our favorite dishes, noting ones I haven’t made in a while. A lot of them I wrote about here during my first few years of blogging, and several are from my book recipe tasting. Since I am constantly writing new recipes for websites and this site I often leave old favorites by the wayside. This year I am going to change that. I promised my family that while I focus on new recipes, I’ll also focus on old favorites. This applies to all kinds of dishes from appetizers, to dinners, to dessert. In many cases this means I’ll go back through the archives and pull out the oldies but goodies and give them much better photos. In other cases, I’ll be revisiting ones from cookbooks of years past. Either way, it is going to be so much fun.

The Winter Pantry Experiment | The Naptime Chef

The Winter Pantry Experiment

Hi! It has been a looong time since I was on my regular posting schedule. The holiday season was so fun and busy I simply didn’t have time to sit down and write. We enjoy a lot of our favorite meals and I made scores of our favorite Christmas cookies. My parents visited from Cooperstown and I actually had them time to read a few great books. All in all it was a wonderful break from the routine, though I did miss this space and being here.

Peach Crumble Bars | The Naptime Chef

Peach Pie Crumble Bars + More Peach Recipes

We’ve been having such a wonderful time in Cooperstown this month. I look forward to this trip more than anything else all year and this summer did not disappoint. Since my little guy is in the super-active-and-I-always-want-your-attention phase I didn’t get as much fruit canning done as last year. But that’s okay, we’ll save it for another time. At least I managed to get a start on my homemade Christmas gifts and discover a new-to-me craft.

10 Easy Summer Dinners on the Grill | The Naptime Chef

8 Easy Late Summer Dinners on the Grill

We’ve been grilling a lot this summer. For the most part the meals have been really simple so I haven’t been typing them up for individual posts. Instead I’ve been recording them to share with you all at once. Most of the them are so basic they don’t require recipes and can be thrown together with ease. Please share what you’ve been grilling in the comments so we can swap ideas and enjoy the last few weeks of grilling season together!

Homemade Fruit Juice Slushies

Summer Food Inspiration

Mmm, 25 Tart & Refreshing Lemonade Recipes on Momtastic Homemade Fruit Juice Slushies with Kids on Babble Great Grilled Summer Corn on Momtastic No-Bake S’mores Pudding Pie on Lifetime Moms

General Mills Chex Cereal | The Naptime Chef

7 Tips for Busy Mornings with Children

In our house weekday mornings are busy year round. From September through June my daughter goes to school fairly early. In the summer both children often have camp or some sort of organized activity every morning. Over the last couple of years I’ve compiled some strategies for making our busy mornings flow better. These tips help me make sure things go smoothly so we can get out the door without too much chaos. Here are my favorite tips for making it all work:

Can it Forward Day | The Naptime Chef

4 Ways to Celebrate National Can-it-Forward Day + Giveaway

I love to wax poetic about the wonders of preserving. It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, it truly can be simple and fun. Every year I join my friends at Jarden Home Brands to celebrate National Can-it-Forward Day. This year it is on August 1st! The day is full of events featuring prominent home preservers sharing their tips and expertise. Luckily this day will coincide perfectly with my yearly trip to Cooperstown. It is the time of the year when I do a lot of preserving, mostly of seasonal fruits I find at the Farmer’s Market, and this year will be no different.